It’s time to take control of your brain to better manage your time.

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I’ve just lost an hour and so have (most of) you because I’m writing this paragraph on the day after daylight savings. Congratulations everyone! You’ve survived the attack of the changing clocks.

A battle with the clocks is a true test of your mindset. A mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notions. Losing time will mess with all of those.

How did the battle play out for you and your household?

I was feeling pretty good until my ten year old lost his mind with…

It may sound boring, but your routines are a game-changer for taking you to the next level of success. Change your mind on routine and embrace the rewards.

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Last weekend felt normal. We had dinner inside a restaurant with friends and both kids competed in their sports. Seems like coronavirus might be loosening its grip.

One lesson I’m taking away from all the isolation and quarantine of the last year is the power of routine.

Routine sounds boring. Why should you care?

Here are the benefits of establishing routines:

  1. Lower stress levels

Even if it’s not a mediation routine, going through a practice over and over again…

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Your to-do list is missing the crucial thing for you to get the most done today.

What’s that thing you ask? TAKE A BREAK!

It’s easy to spot when somebody else needs to take a break.

  • Your best friend calls you in tears of exhaustion
  • Your toddler throws a tantrum after skipping naptime
  • Your husband disengages from work after his 10th zoom call

When’s the last time you took a break? I’m going to guess, past the time it was too late.

Think of it like drinking water. You need to do it throughout the day before you become dehydrated…

Think you just can’t ever get ahead? It’s not you…it’s the tools you’re using.

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It’s been in my closet since we moved into this house over a year ago. A giant whiteboard with sketches to organize my dreams because some “guru” said I needed it. A tool I wasted too much time on because it worked for somebody else.

GASP! I just took a closer look at those sketches. I date one April 2019!

I love checking off to-do lists and planning the details of my day. I admire those that can easily see the big picture, and if that’s…

No matter if your perfect office setup is at home, in a traditional office, or different each day answer these questions to make it the best setup for you.

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“You are a product of your environment. So choose the environment that will best develop you towards your objective…Are the things around you helping you toward success — or are they holding you back?” W. Clement Stone

I keep repeating that you are a unique human. Pay attention to the factors that drive your unique productivity.

Here are a few questions to figure out what works for you:

  1. Do you work…

A step-by-step tutorial

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The thing about vision boards is what the hell to do with the giant poster board when I’m all done designing my destiny? A full-size poster board is not a simple thing to store.

Then I came across a design that you could store away in a drawer.


All the joys of vision boarding without the annoying storage issues.

Let me show you how:

Items you need:

  • An enormous pile of magazines
  • 2 file folders
  • Glue (I used a glue stick)
  • Art supplies (pens or paints or pencils)
  • A printer for personal photos

Start with flipping through your stack…

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WARNING: You cannot be both a people-pleaser and an authentic person.

I just said NO!

A good friend called and asked me to serve on the board of a charity. It’s a charity I happily give my time and money to, but I still said NO. I felt terrible, but this is a HUGE improvement. I used to lose sleep over these sorts of NOs. Or worse, say yes when I knew it wasn’t the right choice.

I’m a recovering people-pleaser.

People-pleasing is a disease. …

Take a fresh perspective to step out of your overwhelm and capture control of your life.

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I could tell from my husband’s voice that I didn’t even have a second to grab shoes as I ran to the car. Five hours later, I was tucking in my sweet boy who had just broken his first bone (actually BONES poor little dude).

Doctor’s orders now limited my super active boy who had already felt the weight of social distancing.

He had a fresh perspective on quarantine. …

This year needs more than just another resolution.

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Pull out your phone and compare the pictures you took on NYE 2019 to NYE 2020.

If the visual alone isn’t enough for you, think about the people you see in those photos. How has 2020 changed them?

Nobody could have predicted a year of a global pandemic, a polarizing presidential election, and a spotlight on racial injustice. And that’s a shortlist.

New Year goals and resolutions are all the rage every January. Last year I jumped on the “one word” bandwagon.

This year feels different.

We make resolutions to break a…

Simple ways to maximize your productivity

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Managing your to-do list should never take more time than checking those boxes.

This is the wasteland of productivity. I have waded through it too.

We all want a system that’s effortless. Something that supports the way our brains work rather than drag down our productivity.

The ideal is to find a system that works with you and then make productivity improvements.

Remember when you tested a hypothesis in junior high school science class? Memories of the egg drop experiment are rushing to me. …

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Productivity writer and coach. Spend less time planning and more time living with these calendar hacks 👉🏻

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