Making 2020 the Year of Clarity

Saying goodbye to an exceptionally bad year brings with it an amazing feeling of closure.

A new year offers a time for self-reflection. It’s a chance to wipe the slate and start fresh. In the year 2020, I want to focus on clarity. Is this cliche? Yes but let’s roll with it.

We are all bidding farewell to the decade that was defined by distraction. Our lives are constantly bombarded with interruptions. Dings from our smartphone, pop-ups on our computer screen and a schedule that is packed to the gills are just part of every day.

We have to fight to maintain our focus and productivity.

The Cambridge dictionary defines productivity as the rate at which a person, company, or country does useful work. So to improve our productivity we must increase the rate at which we do meaningful work.

It’s not enough to just check off boxes on a to-do list. You have to make sure you are spending time on the right things. AND, those things have meaning or passion.

At a recent dinner party, my girlfriend was describing how she was teaching her son how to shop for a gift. His MO was to go in and grab the first thing off the shelf that seemed to fit the bill. She was trying to instill in him that it’s not enough to just grab a gift for the most important people in your life. You need to think about where they like to shop and what would bring the most meaning into their lives.

So why was 2019 such a bummer? I spent a big chunk of it holed up in hospitals and doctors’ offices fighting with my Mom to beat brain cancer. Sadly she lost the battle but I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to be there with her until the end.

Every loss has a lesson if we take the time to stop and pay attention. Instead of wallowing in the chaos, I chose to find the light that pulled me through.

Here are some strategies that have pulled me through 2019.

  • Journaling
  • Meditation
  • Time Blocking
  • Pretty Tools
  • Respecting my Rhythms

Let’s make 2020 the year of clarity. A time to double down on the strategies that can pull you through the chaos. A life of focus will take work on building personal productivity habits. These are skills you can learn to fight the wear of distraction.

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